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Moore MyoWorx® Lower Back Pain Poster

Low Back Pain

This was an 8-week study with 15 patients. 13 of 15 patients had chronic low back pain for more than 6 months. 12 of 15 patients had tried other therapies with no lasting results. Soreness decreased 58% on average after 1 treatment …


Moore MyoWorx® Repetitive Strain Injury Poster

Repetitive Strain Injury

This study examined pain in the forearm, wrist, and hand. It was a 4-week study with 17 patients. Soreness decreased 38% on average after 1 treatment …


MMTR Health Inc. logo on paper background

Chronic and Recurring Pain

This study followed 510 consecutive patients treated over a 10 year period. When there was an associated referred pain syndrome this symptom was abolished in over …


Kids playing tackle hand egg

Concussions and Kids

Concussions aren’t simple in the first place; the medical world has a lot to learn about what happens during a concussion, how they can be …


Vibes Wireless Ear Buds

Vibes Acoustic Filter Earplugs Review

Written for those with noise sensitivity, from a musician’s perspective *this post has been edited in response to a comment by Dr. Berge of Berge Hearing …


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