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Terry Moore, Founder & CEO

Meet Terry Moore

Founder of Moore MyoWorx, Terry Moore is a world-renowned Neuromuscular & Cardiovascular Physiologist. Terry’s passion for anatomy and physiology comes from his experience of 25 years of chronic pain following a concussion as a child, which inspired him to study neuromuscular physiology and gain the knowledge to truly understand pain. Terry’s unique understanding led to the development of the patented TM20 device and the exercise protocols that are the foundation of the Moore MyoWorx method. Terry is incredibly driven by getting results and works tirelessly doing direct patient care, teaching and training at both the Guelph and Denver clinics.

Meet Our Team

Terry Moore

Terry Moore

BSc, MSc, PhD (abd)
Founder and CEO

Terry Moore is the founder, developer and president of MyoWorx Inc. and Moore MyoWorx Physiotherapy. Terry is a Neuromuscular and Cardiovascular Physiologist. During his Masters and Ph.D. studies, Terry’s research resulted in a number of papers and publications on the intricate relationships that exist between the muscles, blood flow, oxygen uptake and various forms and levels of stimulation.

Prior to establishing the clinic in 1988, Terry’s time was consumed with research and teaching. From 1975 to 1983, Terry was employed by the University of Guelph where he taught Kinesiology students all aspects of human physiology including muscular and cardiovascular physiology, neurophysiology and endocrinology. During this time he was also the Supervisor for the Human Physiological Laboratories and he earned his Masters of Science in Muscle Physiology from the University of Guelph.

From 1983 to 1987, Terry focused solely on his Ph.D. studies in muscle physiology. His findings led to the opening of his clinic and the development of his unique patented TM20 device. Terry presented his original physiological work at the American Physiological Society and twice at the American College of Sports Medicine.  Terry has since published clinical studies for chronic low back pain, repetitive strain injury and post-concussion syndrome.

Bert Oucharek

Bert Oucharek

RKin, BSc
Clinical & Operations Manager

Bert joined the Moore MyoWorx Physiotherapy team in 2004. He is a professional member of the Ontario Kinesiology Association and registered with the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario. Having graduated from the University of Guelph with an Honours degree in Human Kinetics and minor in Nutritional Science in 1995, Bert has a multi-faceted background in rehabilitation.

Over his career, Bert has been a certified Functional Evaluator using the BTE (Hanoun) Evaluator, Arcon, and Key Method systems. He has several years of experience with rehabilitative exercise prescription within the home or gym settings, as well as home or workplace assessments and ergonomics and disability case management including return to work planning.

Bert is the Vice President of MyoWorx Inc. and works along with Terry Moore in providing training and operations consulting to clinics using the MyoWorx model.  Bert also oversees our Scientific Research and Experimental Development program.  You may also see Bert assisting our patients in the clinic where our patients affectionately refer to him as “Bert the Hurt!”

Sumithra Indermohan

Sumithra Indermohan

Registered Physiotherapist

Sumithra joined the Moore MyoWorx team in 2013. She received her Bachelor of Physical Therapy from Dr. MGR Medical Universityin Chennai, India. Sumithra practiced in India for more than 4 years with experience in Neurological and Orthopaedic rehabilitation. She has been practicing in Canada since 2012 and combines her compassion for patients with a keen insight into achieving optimal results.

Dragana Trkulja-Bosnic

Dragana Trkulja-Bosnic

Physiotherapy Assistant

Dragana joined the Moore MyoWorx team in 2010. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Belgrade, 1991.She also graduated from the Trios College Physiotherapist Assistant Program in 2010. Dragana was hired following her work placement at Moore MyoWorx because she demonstrated an excellent ability to learn and provide compassionate care for our patients.

Alex Richard

Alex Richard

RKin, BSc
Registered Kinesiologist

Alex joined the Moore MyoWorx team in 2016. Alex graduated from the University of Guelph Honours Bachelor of Science (Human Kinetics) program in 2015.  He is a professional member of the Ontario Kinesiology Association and is registered with the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario.  Alex has a background in coaching minor hockey and enjoys playing recreational sports such as soccer and hockey.

Karl Olivo

Karl Olivo

RKin, BSc
Registered Kinesiologist

Karl joined the Moore MyoWorx team in 2021.  Karl graduated from the University of Waterloo Honours Kinesiology program in 2021.  He is a professional member of the Ontario Kinesiology Association and is registered with the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario. Karl has a background in coaching soccer and badminton and enjoys playing high level recreational soccer.

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