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Targeting the Root Cause of Concussion Symptoms, Chronic Pain and Complex Conditions

Terry Moore's MyoWorx Approach

The Moore MyoWorx Approach

Moore MyoWorx treatments go beyond symptom management to heal the underlying injury itself. Our treatment protocol has two parts: the patented TM20 device and the exercise component, which includes our proprietary stretching and strengthening exercises, along with targeted muscle release techniques. It is this specific combination of the TM20 and our proprietary exercises that leads to sustainable change and lasting results.

MyoWorx TM20 Device

What is the TM20 Device?

Approved by Health Canada and the FDA, the patented TM20 device uses electrical signals to restore proper blood flow to the paraspinal muscles. The specific frequency patterns of the TM20 have four primary functions: to reset optimal cell membrane potentials, thereby helping muscles return to healthy function; to induce the CNS (Central Nervous System) to send relaxation signals to the muscles; to improve the biochemistry of injured muscles; to restore proper long-term blood flow within the muscle. These four functions of the TM20, along with the exercise protocols, effectively heal the root cause of injury, rather than simply managing symptoms.

The Moore MyoWorx Difference

The Moore MyoWorx Experience

Accelerated Recovery Program (ARP) – Our intensive two-week program accelerates recovery through twice daily treatments. Starting with the initial assessment, the ARP includes extended treatment sessions, small group Breakthrough sessions, and reassessments throughout the two weeks to monitor and ensure daily progress. The ARP gets patients better faster.

Standard Treatments – Starting with a comprehensive initial assessment, standard treatments take patients through our treatment protocols at a frequency determined in the initial assessment.

Telehealth – Virtual video appointments are available for non-local patients.

Man receiving head and shoulder treatment

Conditions We Treat

Post Concussion Syndrome

Migraines / Headaches

TMJ / Jaw Pain

Tinnitus / Ear Pain / Plugged Ears

Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain

Osteoarthritis / Rheumatoid Arthritis

Parkinson’s, MS

and more

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