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Terry Moore's MyoWorx Approach

Terry Moore’s Moore MyoWorx® Approach

Moore MyoWorx goes beyond symptom management to heal the underlying injury itself. Developed by Terry Moore, Moore MyoWorx treatment enables the patient to take back control of their life through specifically designed exercise facilitated by the MyoWorx TM20. It is a comprehensive approach that includes all phases of treatment – from a comprehensive initial assessment to in-clinic treatment and at-home participation.

MyoWorx TM20 Device

The TM20 Device

The Moore MyoWorx proprietary methodology includes the use of the MyoWorx TM20 device. The TM20 device is approved by Health Canada and the FDA to be a safe and effective treatment for muscle relaxation and increased local blood flow. The MyoWorx TM20 device can precisely target distressed areas to deliver a specified sequence of timed and abrupt electrical frequency changes. The frequencies used in the MyoWorx TM20 treatment decrease the tension of the muscle fibers and lead to greater blood flow inducing biochemical changes affecting the fatigued or injured muscles. By altering the biochemical changes that occur in these muscles, the treatment restores proper long-term control of blood flow to the muscle. This enables the muscles to completely relax and prepares them for the next phase of treatment, accelerating the positive impact of our specifically designed exercises and healing.

Moore MyoWorx® Concussion Treatment: Get Back to Being You

Cognitive Health Assessments

Computer-based cognitive health assessments are just one important piece of our concussion program. Cognitive health is your ability to think, remember and learn and can vary from day to day. Many factors such as sleep, diet, mood, and even weather can impact cognition.

Integrating cognitive health assessments into our concussion program educates you on your current cognitive health and allows you to track changes in your cognition during and after treatment.

Interested? Click here to try a sample assessment.

Moore MyoWorx®
Accelerated Recovery Program (ARP)

Facilitate your recovery from long standing concussion or chronic symptoms with the Moore MyoWorx Accelerated Recovery Program (ARP).  ARP is an intensive (minimum recommended) 2-week daily treatment program to target the underlying source of all your concussion symptoms. 

Our data for concussion treatment shows that daily treatments result in a higher rate of symptom improvement compared with a lower frequency of treatments. This means that although ARP are only in-clinic for a short period, the majority see significant improvements in their symptoms.

Your healthcare provider team will provide you with education, hands-on treatment, personal exercise guidance and tailored functional activities to help facilitate your ability to self-manage symptoms through exercise and help you get back to life.

Do you think that this program could be right for you?  We offer a free 15-minute phone or video consultation so that you can learn more about the ARP directly from a Moore MyoWorx therapist.  Contact us to book your free video consultation.

Moore MyoWorx® Telehealth

Telehealth appointments are an ideal way to supplement in-person treatment at Moore MyoWorx. Telehealth appointments fit your needs and schedule – keeping your treatment on track from the comfort and safety of your home.  Use telehealth to consult with your Moore MyoWorx care provider for:

  • Progress assessment
  • Symptom management
  • Feedback on exercise techniques
  • Answers to all your questions
  • Inclement weather
  • Travel or mobility restrictions

Now you can skip the drive and the waiting room! Instantly connect with your Moore MyoWorx care provider from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

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