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Our premier Accelerated Recovery Program (ARP) has allowed patients to rapidly achieve results in just 10 days of treatment, with 84% positive responders, and 50% average improvement.  Moore MyoWorx patients, some of whom have been suffering with symptoms for several years, feel 50% better after only 2-weeks.  Given the knowledge and understanding of their condition along with the tools to take back control of their life, further improvement and complete resolution of symptoms is achieved through ongoing participation in the independent exercises, telehealth follow-up or further treatment sessions as needed.

Our data for concussion treatment shows that daily treatments result in a higher rate of symptom improvement, this means that although treatment is condensed, the majority see significant improvements in their symptoms and are well on their way to functional, pain-free lives.

10 Days & 10 Treatments

89% Positive Responders

50% Improvement

Terry Moore

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Terry Moore’s Story

The creator of Moore MyoWorx, Terry Moore has personal experience with concussion.  After an injury as a child, he was told he wouldn’t have a normal life.  Terry had 25 years of chronic pain and can relate to the pain and desperation of his patients.  He recognizes how it can affect every aspect of life, work, relationships, and more. This inspired him to study neuromuscular physiology and gain the knowledge to truly understand pain. He is a physiologist who studied the interaction of multiple systems, which is actually quite rare. Because of his understanding in these interactions, it allows for more robust and effective treatment options.  The unique strategy and solution are the patented (TM20) device, and the model or approach taken. Terry is incredibly driven by getting results and works tirelessly doing direct patient care, teaching and training.

Our Success Stories

Emma's Story

Watch Emma’s Story

“The cycle of headaches has broken”

Brian's Success Story

Watch Brian’s Story

“I’m just excited to be able to sit at my desk and do my work”

Anya's Success Story

Watch Anya’s Story

“I’m feeling 100% better and I think I can play violin just fine”

James' Success Story

Watch James’ Story

“My vision is a lot more comfortable. I’m no longer wearing prism glasses”

Kristy's Success Story

Watch Kristy’s Story

“I can go from feeling like I’ve been hit by a car to what I assume is normal in a couple of hours”

Julia's Success Story

Watch Julia’s Story

“Within a couple of months I was back to performing really well in school”

Michael's Success Story

Watch Michael’s Story

“MyoWorx puts your recovery in your own hands”

Ryan's Success Story

Watch Ryan’s Story

“When I do have a bad headache, I can bring it down pretty easily”

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Studies and Stats

Person suffering head ache

Post Concussion Syndrome

This study examined the impact of MyoWorx treatment on post concussion syndrome (PCS) symptoms. This was a 12-week study of 101 subjects who were experiencing symptoms for 12 weeks or longer post concussion.
Moore MyoWorx® Repetitive Strain Injury Poster

Repetitive Strain Injury

This study examined pain in the forearm, wrist, and hand. It was a 4-week study with 17 patients. Soreness decreased 38% on average after 1 treatment …
Moore MyoWorx® Lower Back Pain Poster

Low Back Pain

This was an 8-week study with 15 patients. 13 of 15 patients had chronic low back pain for more than 6 months. 12 of 15 patients had tried other therapies with no lasting results. Soreness decreased 58% on average after 1 treatment …
MMTR Health Inc. logo on paper background

Chronic and Recurring Pain

This study followed 510 consecutive patients treated over a 10 year period. When there was an associated referred pain syndrome this symptom was abolished in over …

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