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Carpal Tunnel

By Moore MyoWorx

Our Approach Carpal tunnel treatment traditionally involves the use of a wrist brace to guard against repetitive movements or awkward positions of the wrist, especially ...

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Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

By Moore MyoWorx

Our Approach A comprehensive assessment by our specially trained physiotherapists will help determine the cause of TMJ symptoms and lay out an effective treatment plan ...

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By Moore MyoWorx

Our Approach The cause of tinnitus can often be addressed through our MyoWorx® treatment approach. The MyoWorx® approach reveals underlying injury that should be addressed prior ...

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Migraines & Headaches

By Moore MyoWorx

Our Approach To the patient, what causes migraines and headaches is not as important as getting rid of the pain and restoring function. Our perspective is key to ...

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Dizziness & Vertigo

By Moore MyoWorx

Vertigo treatment at MMTR begins with a comprehensive assessment, detailing the history and status of symptoms to help rule out potential medical conditions causing the ...