Introducing MyoWorx Physiotherapy

Welcome to, the home of MyoWorx Physiotherapy, formerly MMTR Physiotherapy.

Why Rebrand?

Following the recent FDA certification for our TM20 device, and ahead of expansion to new cities, we thought this would be the perfect time to bring the name of our methodology (MyoWorx) and our clinic together, into one cohesive brand.  Don’t worry, treatments have not changed!  We are proud to offer the same excellent service with the same experienced professionals.

About MyoWorx

MyoWorx was created by Terry Moore, who has a history with concussions and chronic pain.  After an injury as a child, he was told he wouldn’t have a normal life.  Terry had 25 years of chronic pain and can relate to the pain and desperation of his patients.  He recognizes how it can affect every aspect of life, work, relationships, and more. This inspired him to study neuromuscular physiology and gain the knowledge to truly understand pain. MyoWorx treatment enables the patient to take back control of their life through specifically designed exercises facilitated by the MyoWorx TM20.  It is a comprehensive approach that includes all phases of treatment – from an extensive initial assessment to in-clinic treatment and at-home participation.