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Migraines & Headaches

Our Approach

To the patient, what causes migraines and headaches is not as important as getting rid of the pain and restoring function. Our perspective is key to addressing symptoms related to migraines and headaches. Based on what and where the symptoms are, as well as the history of occurrence and any other relevant information, our comprehensive assessment approach will help pinpoint an active treatment program.

Our assessment also helps to determine if the patient may be a good candidate for the MyoWorx® treatment approach. The MyoWorx® approach reveals underlying injury that should be addressed prior to additional therapy.  For years, MyoWorx® has provided effective treatment for patients suffering from migraines and headaches.

The clinical data for patients with migraines treated with the MyoWorx® approach indicates that 75% of patients improve.

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Types of Migraines and Headaches

There are many types of headaches, including cluster headaches, sinus headaches and tension headaches. There are also different types of migraines, including ocular migraines, vertebrobasilar migraines and hemiplegic migraines.

Headaches come in different shapes and sizes. They are often related to stress that can be both negative or positive. Negative stress includes things such as the loss of a job or strained relationships; while positive stress can be found in promotions and busyness at work, or in anticipating a big event such as a wedding.

The main qualifiers for a “migraine” are that they are episodic (at least 5 occurrences), lasting between 4-72 hours and that they are accompanied by two or more characteristic symptoms.

Migraine Symptoms

Common migraine symptoms include moderate to severe throbbing on one side of the head, aggravation by movement, plus at least one of the following:

  • light sensitivity
  • noise sensitivity
  • nausea
  • vomiting

It is not uncommon for many other symptoms to be associated with migraines and headaches. These can include neck stiffness or pain, TMJ, tinnitus or even dizziness.