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Our Approach

The cause of tinnitus can often be addressed through our MyoWorx® treatment approach. The MyoWorx® approach reveals underlying injury that should be addressed prior to additional therapy. The TM20 device used in MyoWorx® treatment is the key to unlocking the potential for results.

Clinical data for patients treated for their tinnitus symptoms using the MyoWorx® approach indicates that 72% of patients improve.

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What is Tinnitus?

Ringing in the ears, also known as tinnitus, can stem from medical conditions such as ear infections or hearing loss. The patient experiencing tinnitus symptoms should always first check with their physician to ensure there is no infection present. Another route may be to look into a hearing test to again rule out this potential cause.

Tinnitus Symptoms

The sounds that patients typically hear include ringing, buzzing, humming and hissing. It may be perceived as coming from one particular ear, from both ears, or as if from inside the head. The pitch and loudness may vary and the noise can become more noticeable when the patient is in quiet surroundings, lays down at bedtime, is relaxing in the evening, or when they feel that they are under stress. Patients who experience tinnitus may also suffer from or have a history of vertigo or dizziness, sinusitis or chronic congestion and/or ear pain.