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Multiple Sclerosis

Our Approach

Multiple sclerosis treatment at MMTR Physiotherapy focuses on slowing the degenerative process of the disease and attempting to restore function through physical therapy.

Using the MyoWorx® approach has allowed us to consider the disease and its symptoms from a physiological perspective. MyoWorx® is a fully integrated systems model which reveals underlying injury that should be addressed prior to additional physical therapy. This takes into account how muscles and nerves interact and provides the key to unlock the potential for the patient to improve or restore function through targeted exercise. This is where the MyoWorx® TM20 device will help you restore function sooner.

The MyoWorx® clinical data for treating MS (relapsing-remitting or primary / secondary progressive types) indicates that 75% of patients improve with the treatment and feel that they are less impacted by their MS symptoms.

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What is Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?

The name “multiple sclerosis” means more than one (area of) scarring or hardening of tissue. Specifically with MS, the body’s defense system mistakenly attacks the outer sheath of nerve cells in the brain and / or spinal cord causing areas of scarring. This is what’s called an autoimmune disease. This scarring can affect the transmission of nerve signals to the brain or parts of the body, causing typical MS symptoms such as reduced muscle control, reduced balance / coordination or vision effects such as blurred or double-vision.

It is not known why the body’s immune system is triggered to attack nerve cells. The prevalent thoughts are that it may be a combination of genetic makeup and possible environmental factors that trigger the disease process. The condition is most prevalent in Canada and according to the National MS Society in the U.S., it is the most frequent cause of neurological disability beginning in early to middle adulthood (with the exception of trauma).

MS can be categorized into 2 main types: relapsing-remitting and progressive. The progressive type of MS can be further sub-divided into primary progressive and secondary progressive.